49-year-old Gigi Lai (黎姿) quits from show business and has 3 daughters after marrying her husband in 2008. Despite living a luxurious lifestyle, she remains young and slim and openly shares her keeping fit menu.

Gigi posted an online message: “Yes, it is a blessing to eat without gaining weight. Actually, it is very simple. 3 meals per day and either 3:5:2 or 4:5:1 is the best allocation. Lunch is one of the most important meals and we can eat more. It is best to eat something when trying to lose weight as hunger is extremely bad for the body.” Gigi emphasised it was essential to control the amount of food intake and calculate calories.” She also gave suggestions and openly shared her meals as a consideration for everybody: “It is sumptuous yet healthy meal. You might want to try it.”

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