Zhang Yuqi (張雨綺) is assigned as the owner of Wing Chun martial arts school in Chinese variety show, She Fighter (姐姐妹妹的武館). Other than acting as operation manager, Ada Choi (蔡少芬) joins the school as business partner and demonstrates Wing Chun and uses wooden dummy. It turns out that she specially learns it from her husband Max Zhang (張晉) prior to filming the program.

Apparently, the shooting style resembles to Chinese Restaurant (中餐廳) and Fourtry (潮流合伙人) shows. The students include several members of BonBon Girls 303 (硬糖少女303) and actors such as Victor Qin (秦霄賢) and Jeffrey Tung (董又霖). After practising every time, Ada needs to use hand cream while other students train as if they are exercising in the gym. Hence, it seems the program lacks of professionalism.

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