It is the first time for Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Alice Chan (陳煒) to work together and he plays two roles such as a lawyer and hipster in TVB new drama (雙生陌生人). He starred as Alice’s love interest and said: “After reading the script, I wake up at night and ponder about my roles. All cast team members have to remind me.”

As Alice was currently filming another new series (黯夜守護者) and acted as a rough woman, she explained she needed to prepare for her role as a wealthy woman in the drama (雙生陌生人): “I have to act as a gentle woman who goes for manicure and hair salon.”

As it was Derek Mackesy’s (麥大力) first time to participate in new series, he was worried about the dialogues and speaking Cantonese. When asked about practising Cantonese, he said: “I have to memorise and it should be fine if I could do it. Overall, I feel excited to film drama.”