Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Alice Chan (陳煒) and Derek Mackesy (麥大力) tried their role images for TVB new drama (雙生陌生人). As Roxanne played Joe’s “dream lover”, she was currently actively losing weight and hope it will not frighten anybody.

When mentioned about moving house lately, Roxanne disclosed her thigh bled because of the cut: “Kenneth Ma (馬國明) knows that I have a slow reaction. I even fall down at the shopping centre and he needs to pull me up. I also clash my car on a rainy day and it is very scary. Fortunately, nobody is injured.”

As Kenneth will be returning to Hong Kong after a week later, Roxanne replied she planned to celebrate her birthday with him on 6th May: “I am uncertain if I need to work on that day though. I am thinking of going for staycation and it is fine as long as he accompanies me. (Miss him very much?) You will say I am showing my love again if I say yes. Anyway, it is normal for a couple.”