Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) expressed she was busy taking care of her family and baking cake for the past 10 months during a charity drive: “I have completed French dessert certificate so as to pave the road for my retirement.”

When asked if she planned to open a bakery store, Gigi said: “It is not easy to manage children apparel store during the virus and we need lots of determination to maintain the business. (Incur any losses?) I did not retrench any staff and must continue to maintain the business. Baking is for interest and I can bake a cake for my family. I also make bread for my family everyday and it is considered a small blessing during COVID-19.”

Mentioning about her daughter Sofia, Gigi said: “She loves to sing, dance and hum songs before sleeping. Sofia does not dream about being a celebrity after seeing my hectic work schedule.”