Recently, Moses Chan (陳豪) becomes an ambassador for heart protection (守護心腎大使) and records a short video about diabetes together with 3 doctors, so as to highlight the risks to the public and patients.

In the video, Moses visits 2 diabetic patients and tries to understand their health problems. He said: “Feel elated to participate in this video. I hope it will allow everyone to understand the risks and health issues.”

When asked about his understanding related to diabetes, Moses replied he knew it was bad for the body and could damage the blood vessels, capillary and result in serious illnesses.

As Moses was a health conscious person, he shared his daily routines and diets: “We try to eat less salty and oily food at home. I will also take my kids for exercises during my free time. The pandemic makes me realise about the importance of my family’s health and please take note of your health after watching this video.”