Raymond Lam (林峯) and Carina Zhang (張馨月) have been suffering from tremendous pressure since announcing their marriage in 2019. In Chinese reality show, Viva La Romance 5 (妻子的浪漫旅行5), he discussed about it and disclosed about opening another account on Weibo to rebut the netizens and it made Carina shocked.

Raymond explained Carina was not an actress and he tolerated all criticisms until it reached a boiling point one day: “This matter makes me extremely mad since joining the industry for 20 years. She is scolded by them everyday without any reason. Cyberbullying is very frightening as it affects my loved ones. You can attack me but not my family and loved ones. Otherwise, I will not let them off.”

Subsequently, Carina expressed she was totally unaware of it and pointed Raymond was not such a person: “Other actors marry beautiful wives with good qualities but I am an ordinary woman and Raymond is criticised for his bad taste. I feel quite sad to see the criticisms about my husband.” She continued while her tears begun to stream down on her face: “I feel uncomfortable and worry that my issue might affect him.”

Standing at 173cm tall, Carina was a runner-up in 2010 National Fashion Underwear Model Contest and even filmed a lingerie advertisement for Taobao (淘寶) previously. After tying the knot with Raymond, the netizens suspected she went for plastic surgery and criticised he had bad taste.

Hence, Raymond defended Carina was an independent woman and earned a living by herself: “It is not easy and nothing to be ashamed of. Please use a positive mindset and treat everyone equally.”

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