Ada Choi (蔡少芬), Athena Chu (朱茵), Monica Chan (陳法蓉) and Catherine Hung (洪欣組) formed the group (港普F4) and it is the first time to make a public appearance in reality show (請吃燒烤的姐姐) together. A few days ago, Ada expressed they dreamed of opening a shop together during an event.

In the program, they hoped to open a barbecue store together. Ada pointed she was the youngest in the group and her Mandarin was considered the most fluent among them.

As they revealed their true feelings and emotions in the show, she said: “I wonder if we will create any chemistry. We are very close to each other and worry our sparks will “burn” everybody. Although we argue and have unhappy moments, but we know each other for many years and should create chemistry when working.”

Finally, Ada believed they will create good rapport and develop their strengths in a program together: “I will be creating a good atmosphere and normally make the first move to organise a gathering. Athena loves to eat while Catherine is talkative and I will tell her to talk about the main point. As for Monica, she is a knowledgable person and will ask many interesting questions.”