Adia Chan (陳松伶) and her husband Zhang Duo (張鐸) participate in Chinese reality show, My Dearest Ladies 2 (婆婆和媽媽2) and their humorous yet interesting relationship won compliments from the audiences.

In a game section, Zhang Duo revealed his wife’s weight and pointed Adia should weight around 60kg. Subsequently, Ada kept laughing when he told her directly that she weighed less than 200 pound.

When asked about the ideal weight, Adia replied every woman should weight less than 50kg and it was not easy as everyone’s body was different. She also emphasised health was the most important: “We can take care of ourselves and our families well. What matters most is our happiness.”

In recent years, women have targets about their weight such as not exceeding 100 pound and many models are aiming for a healthy and proportionate body figure. Hence, the netizens agree with Adia’s perspective and said: “Yes, this is the correct world view.”