As Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) failed to wear a face mask during an interview at a radio show hosted by Nancy Sit (薛家燕), he explained it was because he listened to the doctor’s advice after completing Coronavirus vaccination. Bobby disclosed he will be filming Witness To A Prosecution II (洗冤錄II) drama in Mainland China around July or August and was reminded of going for training and reducing weight during the previous quarantine period at a hotel in China. However, he begun to gain weight during the quarantine period at home once returning to Hong Kong: “The public will assume I am sick if my belly disappears.”

When Nancy praised Bobby was a “lucky star” and had good acting skills in Shadow of Justice (伙記辦大事) series, he pointed all artistes who worked with him became lucky and it was a healthy competition between TVB and ViuTV: “I prefer not to use battle for description and producing good shows to the audiences is the most important. We could produce another program if the audiences feel tired of watching it.”

Mentioning that he was slammed by the netizens for his definition about ATV earlier, Bobby explained: “Do you think I know ViuTV? To me, it is the same as ATV and the problem causes me to commit a mistake. Sorry, I know I am in the wrong and will be extra careful in the future. We will have improvements when there are competitions and it is good news to have a wide variety of choices such as picking a restaurant.”