In last August, Matt Yeung (楊明) had a car accident at Magazine Gap Road and was arrested for reckless driving, refusing to show blood sample and poor car windows visibility. He is currently on trial until now. Matt joins show business for 22 years and is heavily groomed by TVB in recent years. However, he is surrounded by endless gossips and involved in lawsuits many times. Despite that, his girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) continues to stand by him and accompany him to the court every time. As both are dating for 5 years and support each other all the way, it is obvious that they have a very stable relationship.

In a recent interview, Lisa expressed she understood her boyfriend’s love and treated him as her marriage partner. She also exposed her mother urged them to have a baby soon and might go for flash marriage anytime. Lisa said: “Matt and I understand each other very well especially after experiencing society problems and suffering from tremendous pressure by the public for the past 2 years. Hence, giving up this romance does not cross my mind even when Matt told everyone that he is waiting for me to propose marriage to him. He is a simple, filial and positive man and I have absolute trust and confidence in him. I am even willing to change for his sake. My mother has a very good impression of Matt and both will converse on the phone once per day.”