Joyce Tang (滕麗名), Jason Pai (白彪) and Akina Hong (康華亮) discussed about their supernatural encounters in Master’s Talk (師父有請) show. Akina expressed she did not really believe initially and begin to experience it personally: “I remembered I was hosting a tour show in Mainland China as a newcomer. Guizhou has a hill top to place cremated remains and I was unclear about the reason for filming over there. It takes 11 hours for travelling and we do not pray for blessings prior to the shooting.”

Akina disclosed the male host felt unwell and needed to go to the hospital for treatment. Hence, she had to host the program by herself and was also required to go to the hospital once returning to Hong Kong. Akina said: “I reckon it is because we fail to greet and show respect to them. That male host then resigned shortly after his return to Hong Kong. At the time, he was badly ill and kept mumbling to himself. Fortunately, I prayed to god after coming back.”

When the host, Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲) pointed Jason had a different eyebrow and action stars tended to have a higher “killing aura”, he replied he slept in a corpse case at a morgue and could hear ringing in his ears once it was closed: “I even had a shooting at a coffin home at the Central and there were more than 100 coffins. The person in-charge of the coffin home told me it was alright as long as I did not stride across the coffins. However, the scene required me to jump over the coffin and I nearly kicked on it. Once on a rainy day, I was walking on a long corridor at a coffin home and almost frightened to death, when a bird flew past me.”

As for Joyce, she recalled of her frightening incidents in the studio room at TV City: “When filming A Kindred Spirit (真情) drama, there was a “famous” toilet near studio room 8 or 9 and the water was always dripping in female washroom but it was completely dry in male washroom.” She added the clothing department had a gigantic goddess of mercy facing the toilet but the door was closed on that day. Hence, Joyce went to wash her hands and there was a person in the mirror, but nobody was besides her: “It is extremely scary. On 1st and 15th every month, somebody will burn the offerings. Once the drama was nearly wrapped up at 2am in the morning, the boom operator could hear whistling and we went to another studio room but we could still hear it. Somebody even blew air besides my ear. At the same time, Nick Cheung (張家輝) was shouting for help when filming Game of Deceit (騙中傳奇) series in the studio room next to us. He said someone was whistling besides his ear and it was impossible to hear it as there was a makeup room between two studio rooms.”

Joyce also revealed she tried to make friends with spirits since having weird encounters in Mainland China frequently: “I work in Beijing for 6 months and something happens on the first day. I cannot open the door even with the key until greeting them. The light is switched off when I switch it on and the air-con is switched on during summer and winter. The television volume is turned on loudly and softly at times but it is harmless so I have to give and take. Once, my assistant and I even knocked on the wrong door loudly around 3am or 4am and left immediately.”

Finally, Jason disclosed he witnessed “exorcism” when filming in Philippines lately: “At the set, a female extra around 18 or 19 year old glared at everyone suddenly and jumped over a short wall. She told everyone not to touch her in English and spoke vulgarities. We could not see her eyeball and 4 staff even failed to restrain her. I assumed she was shooting initially and realised something was wrong when she kicked until her toenails were broken. Hence, a soldier took out 3 bullets to clasp her hand and she puked green liquid immediately. A witch doctor was called in to resolve the whole issue immediately.”