39-year-old Fala Chen (陳法拉) gave birth to a baby girl in the year of the rat in this February, after tying the knot with her French husband, Emmanuel Straschnov. Earlier on Instagram, she shared their photo and disclosed her daughter accompanied her to work. Although their family has an additional member, but both try their best to spend two person world. A few days ago, Fala and Emmanuel went to a restaurant by themselves and he posted a message, after uploading their photo on Instagram: “Date night without the baby, with my baby.” In the photo, both are smiling happily and are definitely a sweet couple.

During a recent interview conducted by a brand company, Fala shared her life perspective together with women from different countries. She pointed it was important to learn time management after becoming a mother and her father hoped she will be a management officer because of stable income. However, Fala loved new challenges and chose to became an actress. In addition, she wore a deep V evening gown revealing her fit body figure during an advertisement shoot for the company.

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