On 30th April, Louisa Mak (麥明詩) and Bryant Mak (麥子樂) attended the worshipping ceremony of AMM new drama (逐流時代) directed by Jonathan Chik (戚其義). It is considered her first public appearance since becoming a lawyer and Louisa disclosed she applied more than 10 days of annual leave from the company: “It has been my wish to work with Jonathan all along and is a good challenge. Although I reduce my on-screen appearances, but I continue to have passion in acting and could mould my temperament.”

This time, Louisa plays the female lead and expressed she had to wrap up the shooting within the deadline. However, she will enjoy the process at the same time: “The filming might be different and the cast team members usually sit down to discuss together. It is exciting when film producer joins us as well. (Different feeling when shooting TVB drama?) Every film producer has his/her own style and the resources and schedule are different. As an actress, it is good to work in other environment.”

When asked if she will film TVB drama again, Louisa replied: “I doubt it. Television station is not the main issue and I might not film series for the time being as I wish to focus on my full time job. I enjoy the current status and everybody should understand that we have little annual leave as an employee. I need to wait for an appropriate time even when the opportunity arrives.”

Checking about her love life, Louisa said: “Yes, I have suitors but do not have time for dating for the past few months. I need to work everyday and do not even get to see my parent. Hence, my top priority is to spend time with my family.” As Derek Cheung (鍾培生) invited her old love, Joseph Lam (林作) to an arena contest and Louisa rejected the invitation as a guest even when he offered her a 6 digit figure, she explained: “I have a hectic work schedule and could watch it on television anytime.”

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