Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) is noted for her high fame and her work opportunities are increased after joining Chinese variety show, Sisters Who Make Waves 2 (乘風破浪的姐姐2). A few days ago, she showed her cute character in a preview for a reality program, Life is Beautiful 2 (讓生活好看2).

In the show, every guest has her own foamboard stand which contains the comments by the public and can tear down any label that they dislike. When it was Cecilia’s turn, she had 6 labels such as a good mother, “ageless goddess”, good dancer and singer. Unexpectedly, she teared down good mother label first and explained: “I dislike it as being a good mother and protecting my children are my duties.” Cecilia also pointed she disagreed when many people praised she was a good mother at the market: “At the time, I do not feel happy as being a good mother is necessary.”

Subsequently, Cecilia tore “ageless goddess” label and said: “As a woman in the forties, the condition is less than perfect. I prefer to have natural beauty with little wrinkles and what I care about is having a young spirit.”

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