In recent years, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) is busy with his work and accepted an interview at a radio show (詩情廿四味) hosted by Annie Ngai (倪詩蓓) not long ago. She showed an old photo taken in 1996 and it turned out both travelled to Taipei together for a variety show at the time. Steven pointed he felt “frightened” upon seeing it.

At the point, Steven was crowned the winner in a singing competition after trying 44 times in various contests. Subsequently, he became a singer and released his first solo album, Lucky for Meet You (幸運就是遇到你).

Other than singing, Steven participated in many drama which left deep impression to the audiences. When Annie questioned about his favourite role, he said: “I wish to challenge my acting skills and play a person suffering from dissociative identity disorder.”

Despite a successful career, Steven’s love life remained dry until now. Questioning about his ideal marriage partner, Steven replied: “My mindset definitely changes at this age. Communication and understanding each other are the most important. I believe it is destiny and might not meet the woman who meets my expectations after all.”