Recently, a video of Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) taking a shower lasted for 12 seconds went viral. Subsequently, TVB Executive Ms Virginia Lok (樂易玲) responded to the media that the colleagues had taken Ricco and his family to lodge a police report, and the police were currently conducting an investigation. As for cast team members such as Mandy Lam (林淑敏) and Koni Lui (呂慧儀) for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold (愛‧回家之開心速遞) sitcom, both refused to make any comments, while Ricco remained unavailable until now. Some fans rooted for Ricco and urged the public to stop “attacking” him, as he was considered a victim.

As Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) uploaded his bath photo earlier, many netizens mistook him as the male lead in an indecent video and should be extra careful about his personal life, since he was a married man. Hence, some fans explained the netizens recognised the wrong person and Benjamin made an online clarification he was not that man with a laughing emoji.