Recently, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) transforms into key opinion leader (KOL) and uploads cooking video on her YouTube Channel. She shares her knowledge about boiling soup in her previous video and teaches about cooking soy sauce chicken wings this time. Linda explained: “Because my daughter loves to eat chicken wings. It is a very simple dish and everyone will definitely loves it. Come on, let me show you!”

The new video lasted for 6 minutes and Linda taught about getting rid of the “frozen smell” when buying frozen chicken wings in Hong Kong. She said: “First, I will use some salt and soak the chicken around 10 minutes. I will pat on the chicken to get blood water out and use ginger, onion and garlic as ingredients.”

Linda then put avocado in the pan followed by ginger, onion and garlic once it was hot. Subsequently, she placed chicken wings and soy sauce and could use maple sugar to replace white sugar as a healthier option.

After 10 minutes later, the chicken wings looked delicious and Linda said: “Let’s take a look at the colour. It is quick and easy. It makes everyone feels happy and using simple ingredients could create a delicious dish too.” Within 2 days, there are 10,000 viewers and it is considered good results.”

However near the end of the video, Linda made a mistake and caused the sauce in the plate to spill. Hence, she screamed and ended the recording with a helpless expression.