It is Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣潼) first appearance in a reality show, Twinkle Love (怦然心動20歲) after her divorce. Despite gaining substantial weight, she looks happier and her amusing responses in the program win compliments from the netizens. Most importantly, it does not affect Gillian’s facial attractiveness.

Twinkle Love is a reality show consists of 10 graduates in their twenties travelling together and the guests include Ning Jing (寧靜), Li Xikan (李希侃), Sunnee (楊芸晴) and Gillian observing the interactions and sharing their experiences in the studio room. During the discussion related to the gifts given by their old love, all guests have different responses.

Gillian said: “It depends on the present. If it is a flat, I will continue to stay. In fact, somebody asks me to return the gifts but I refuse as spend lots of money on him too. Everyone deserves some memories.” Subsequently, she posted a message on Weibo: “Every gift given by my old love stands for a precious memory and we should not throw it away even broken up. We should manage our feelings and not the presents.” Finally, the netizens agreed with Gillian’s response and said: “Yes, Gillian is right! We like her straightforward character.”