In 2018, Anne Heung (向海嵐) and her friend invested 7 digit figure in jade jewellery store at the Central. Earlier, she disclosed the reason for starting a business during an interview conducted by Hong Kong Open TV Presenter William Ma (馬梓軒): “Honestly speaking, it is a complete coincidence. In the beginning, I have a friend whose father is selling jade jewellery and she suggests me to become a spokesperson. Subsequently, we establish good rapports and she knows design and there is a shop at the Central too. Hence, I decide to go for it.”

Anne disclosed she recovered her capital within 6 months and did not expect the pandemic to affect the business: “I might have one order in one or two months only as nobody dares to come out during the pandemic. In addition, all weddings and parties are cancelled and it is really a big challenge. At the time, my business partner and I request the landlord to reduce the rental and we decide to change to selling online and design a new collection to attract the customers.”

Despite the difficulties, Anne remained strong and felt a sense of achievement during the process: “I feel designing jewellery makes us feel elated and believe every customer feels happy when buying it. Some people even pass down their jewellery from one generation to another and it represents for a significant meaning.”