Lately, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) works in Mainland China and takes care of her family at the same time. In a recent Chinese reality show, Life is Beautiful (讓生活好看), she called her eldest and second son, Lucas and Quintus after browsing an international school at Shanghai and accepting an interview. They conversed in English during the conversation. When asked if both were interested to study at Shanghai as it was bigger than Hong Kong by 10 times and there were many sports facilities, Lucas replied coldly: “Looks like mummy is very satisfied.” He then told her he was not interested and Cecilia felt relieved after ending the conversation: “I have nothing to fear except for my sons. Lucas is in puberty stage now and I need to be extra careful.”

Cecilia also disclosed Lucas pointed she had many weaknesses such as having a loud voice as a mother. She explained it was because one of her ears had amblyacousia but Lucas was still little so it was hard to explain to him: “It is easier to talk to Quintus and we converse in Cantonese and English.” Quintus also rejected to study at Shanghai.