Eliza Sam (岑麗香) announced she gave birth to a baby boy nicknamed “little cashew” (小腰果). Subsequently, her husband Joshua shared photo of Eliza hugging her eldest son, Jacob while “little cashew” was yawning. He posted an online message on behalf of his younger son: “Hello everybody, my name is Julius Samuel Ngo and my weight is 6.6 pound. My elder brother Jacob is very smart and I am a “machine” who can eat and pass motion for now. Thank you to my grandfather for allowing me to use his name as my middle name. My mother is recovering fast and I wish to hug my brother again. Looking forward to meet everybody!”

In addition, Eliza thanked everybody for the blessings when replying to Ming Pao (明報): “I receive all blessings. My second son is named Julius and I called him Baby JuJu. We are safe and sound and currently resting at home. His brother feels happy as I prepare a set of coloured pens as a present on behalf of Julius. Anyway, Jacob is happy with his younger brother.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210513/1620889824256/%e7%b4%b0%e4%bb%94julius%e5%87%ba%e4%b8%96%e9%87%8d6-6%e7%a3%85-%e5%b2%91%e9%ba%97%e9%a6%99%e7%94%a2%e5%be%8c%e8%ba%ab%e9%ab%94%e6%81%a2%e5%be%a9%e7%90%86%e6%83%b3