Earlier, Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣潼) ex-husband Michael Lai (賴弘國) showed his new photo losing drastic weight on Instagram and it becomes a heated discussion. During an interview with Taiwanese media, he expressed his depression illness begun from 2019 until now and had poor appetite. His friends disclosed Michael lost 20 pound and had been seeking treatment for 2 years. Asking if it was because of divorce, Michael said: “One marriage ruins my whole life. I have nothing much to say.”

When mentioned about Gillian, Michael confessed he was clueless about the divorce and her fame caused him to become the target of the media: “Yes, we did argue when together but not many times though.” He revealed he felt glad that he did not buy a flat for her in Taiwan as Michael will be in heavy debts now. Checking if he continued to monitor Gillian’s news, Michael replied he will contact her about divorce procedures only.

Michael added his parent were retired teachers and felt disappointed upon seeing his endless gossips. When asked about his expectations about his future wife after experiencing two failed marriages, he responded that it was important for her to have a stable job and had limited options because of his divorced status.

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