The second round of TVB reality show, Dub of War (好聲好戲) consists of Eric Tang (鄧智堅), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) and Owen Cheung (張振朗). In an episode broadcasted on 14th May, Owen had the highest score temporarily and all contestants will be finding their partners to challenge their acting skills. Hence, Lisa will be playing Liza Wang’s (汪明荃) role in The Heaven Sword & the Dragon Sabre (倚天屠龍記) drama.

As one of the judges, Liza Wang taught Lisa personally: “You must use your normal voice to play the role well. According to the script, you are a person full of positive energy and your eye expression is very important.” As such, Lisa was dressed in ancient costume to improve her concentration and it was her first on-screen appearance in ancient look. Finally, her image won mixed reviews from the netizens.