Joe Ma (馬德鐘) joins the industry for nearly 30 years and changes his image by playing a lawyer in Shadow of Justice (伙記辦大事) drama. As he needed to memorise 5 or 6 pages of lengthy dialogues, he confessed it was the most challenging role: “Looking back at the past, I feel time passes too quickly and fail to witness my son’s growing up process because of my work. At the time, it was the peak of my career and I do not really feel regretful. Anyway, I feel contented with my current life.”

Although Joe encountered low peak in his career and owed lots of debts in the past, but he managed to stay strong because of his wife, Cheung Siu Lan’s (張筱蘭) support: “You might not gain anything even after making lots of sacrifices in this line. Luck is an important factor and you will enjoy good luck if you are hardworking. I am considered very lucky and able to support my family. I feel very grateful to my wife for giving me lots of supports.”