Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) played a couple again in 77 Heartwarmings (感動她77次) film after 77 Heartbreaks (原諒他77次) movie.

Pak Ho confessed he was a childish man who filmed to cherish their 10 years relationship in the first season and needed to take care of Charlene because of her family problems this time: “It is similar to my real character. I used to be an immature man but will bear the responsibility if need to.”

In the film, Charlene was involved in a love triangle between Thai actor Mario Maurer (馬里奧毛瑞爾) and Pak Ho and emphasised it will not happen in reality: “I am a faithful person and will tell that man directly if he is interested in me. I hate to trouble others and handle complicated problems.”

When mentioned about emotional feelings, Pak Ho and Charlene admitted they were emotional people and it played an important factor in romance. He said: “I feel touched after witnessing my wife’s sincerity. For the past 10 years, she makes many sacrifices and managing a relationship is indeed not easy.”

Stating that marriage was a “tomb of love”, Pak Ho showed his manly side and replied: “I am willing to face death together with my wife if marriage is a “tomb of love”. As for Charlene, she said after facing a failure marriage: “I used to think both people will get married if they love each other, as every man is trustworthy. Right now, I realise marriage is a promise and it involves both families. Hence, it is best to understand each other before beginning a new chapter.” When questioned about her marriage plan since she had a stable relationship with her boyfriend Anthony, Charlene responded: “I know what to do. Happiness is the most important and it will come at an appropriate moment.”