In 2019, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) makes a comeback based on the song, The One (做你的晨曦) and her MV receives good responses. She also won two big awards in the following year.

Lately, Linda films another MV version for The One and explains the reason which makes many fans feel touched: “In fact, we feel overjoyed when shooting every MV and it gives me a good memory to my family. I also wish my mother will appear in the MV. When filming MV in Hong Kong, my mother could not travel to Hong Kong and I was forced to find a replacement. Hence, I wish my whole family will appear in this MV which gives an unforgettable memory to my mother and me.”

In addition, Linda realised she used the methods to teach her children was because of her parent and it is indeed very meaning to see three generation family in MV.