Kiki Sheung (商天娥) was invited to an opening ceremony of a homeware store. When asked if her workloads increased since COVID-19 was considered under control, she replied she used to go for 2 or 3 stage performances in overseas and stayed in Hong Kong for 2 years, because of the virus: “I reject the work opportunities in Mainland China and Southeast Asia in February as do not want to be under quarantine. I am still waiting for the work arrangements in July and September. Hope everyone will continue to wear face mask and take note of their personal hygiene.”

Checking if Kiki faced similar situation when former TVB on-screen writers lamented artistes suddenly changed their dialogues which affected the plot and on-screen writers were not given due respect, she said: “It is normal in every company. I believe it is important to show mutual respect and make amendments with mutual agreement. It also depends on everyone’s attitude and is good if the changes are positive. Otherwise, I will feel that person is nosy.”