Lately, 40-year-old Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) participates in Chinese reality show, Twinkle Love (怦然心動20歲) which becomes a heated discussion. In the program, the guests observe the interactions between a group of youngsters through the video in studio room.

In the latest episode, a girl rejected the man to carry the handbag for her when climbing up the staircase and it became an interesting topic to Gillian. She emphasised she disliked man to carry her bag and it transforms into a popular discussion. That girl said in the video: “I love to carry my own bag as it is part of the accessories.” As a result, the man felt embarrassed and helpless. Immediately, Gillian agreed with that girl and the guests agreed with her mindset. Several netizens explained they would carry their own bags unless it was heavy and a bag was considered an accessory. Some netizens believed the man was a gentleman and there was no definite answer to the question. Hence, it is a subjective opinion.

In addition, that man disclosed he used to be a fatty and decided to lose weight once seeing his old love’s new boyfriend was tall and skinny. It then increased his facial attractiveness. Gillian said: “Every fatty has his own potential.” Actor Eddie Peng (彭于晏) and Keung To (姜濤) are the best examples.