Recently, the participation of Raymond Lam (林峯) and his wife Carina Zhang (張馨月) in Chinese reality show, Viva La Romance 5 (妻子的浪漫旅行5) become a heated discussion. Initially, the audiences begin to change their impression of Carina but she keeps mentioning about the situation and Qin Hailu (秦海璐) pointed she was too “hypocritical” in the previous episode. As for Raymond, he criticised his old love and was slammed by the netizens.

In the latest episode, Carina disclosed Raymond proposed marriage to her in the washroom which made everyone surprised. He explained he chose the toilet at home which was the least unexpected venue and decided to announce his marriage proposal in 2019. In the studio, Raymond said while his eyes appeared red: “I plan it for several weeks and my wife cries upon feeling touched. Subsequently, I forget about my speech and my mind is completely blank.”

During dinnertime, a group of wives discussed about hypocrite women and Carina’s speech in last preview did not broadcast in this episode. She revealed some woman tried to harass Raymond by using puppy as a reason and discussed about marriage plan. He said: “Well…… I am sorry.” Coincidentally, Karena Ng (吳千語) and Raymond kept a dog as pet while dating and many netizens suspected Carina was referring to Karena. It is uncertain if that conversation is removed because of the criticisms.

In March 2018, Karena and Raymond announced their separation news. She was pointed to initiate the break up in June 2017 because of a wealthy heir, Brian (施伯雄), but Raymond refused to give up at the time. After 6 months later, Raymond and Carina wore a pair of couple rings. From the look of it, it was considered a complicated relationship in 2017. Right now, both are criticising his ex-girlfriend together and it is not that appropriate after all?