It is well-known that Chinese pop diva Na Ying (那英) has a shocking background. She was born in Shenyang, Liaoning of Manchu ethnicity and Empress Dowager Cixi was perceived to be her “ancestor”. However, Na Ying is not considered her direct offspring but Yehe Nara Hala (葉赫那拉氏).

In a recent variety show, The Adventures of Detective (萌探探探案), Na Ying wore Qing Dynasty costume which became the highlight. She looked domineering and the netizens pointed Na Ying had Empress Dowager Cixi’s shadow. Everybody pointed Na Ying is definitely the offspring of Yehe Nara Hala.

From the photos presented online, Na Ying wore a champagne colour flag head and it evidently exhibited her royalty genes. In addition, she resembled a queen with a stern expression and many netizens praised Na Ying had Empress Dowager Cixi’s aura.