Since young, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) loves to play table tennis and is one of the former players for Hong Kong team. Hence, he becomes a stubborn person who is hard to get along with people that poses a danger to his acting career. It also causes an impact to his wife Phoebe Sin (單文柔): “I feel very guilty to Phoebe and my family. I know she finds it hard to catch up with my pace and respect her thinking all along. It is fine as long as she is happy.”

Ruco joins the industry for 28 years and receives help from many benefactors. However because of the rules in show business, he suffers from countless of obstacles: “I dislike to use gossips to harm others and try very hard to refrain from making mistakes. In fact, it is my first time in most stuff and I fail to understand about the coordination between the clothes and acting skills. After bagging an award in 2016 and knowing Phoebe, many gossips begin to surface and I do not understand at all. Many veteran artistes advise me to accept all criticisms and learn to express my thoughts in order to reach another peak in my career.”

After becoming an on-screen couple with Nancy Wu (胡定欣) based on A Fist Within Four Walls (城寨英雄) drama, it increased Ruco’s work opportunities. As he denied about dating Phoebe who was a newcomer at the time, she was slammed for being a “third party” and Ruco said: “She knows me once joining the industry and my wrong decision causes a change in her character. I keep apologising to her and Phoebe dares not go out for a week. I promise her that I will try my best to change the audiences’ impressions of her. Time passes quickly from settling down to having a child and I told her to do something that she likes, instead of spending all her time on the family. I do not mind working harder if she chooses to become a housewife.”

Although Ruco gave complete respect to his wife, but they must be realistic in their lives: “Yes, we do argue. After all, we are from different generations and come from different family backgrounds. I usually share good news only but she talks about anything at home and I accept it as her husband. I know it is normal to have more problems after setting up a family and useless to keep thinking about the past. I understand it is because of me.” Initially, Ruco was worried about Phoebe suffering from postnatal depression and decided to move near her parent’s house: “When my daughter Quinta Chan returned home on the first day, the confinement nurse had not arrived and I needed to film Chinatown (唐人街) series. Phoebe kept calling me that she could not handle it. After coming back home around 3am, we learned to fold blankets by watching YouTube and realised the baby cried continuously as she did not need a blanket. I had a terrible headache when going back to work around 7am on the following morning.”

In second trouble stage, Quinta kept saying “no” to Ruco and refused to rinse her mouth when brushing her teeth and switched on all lights at home. Thus, it made Ruco laughed and mad at the same time: “Sometimes, I will scold her or beat her palm and notice Quinta does resemble my character after checking with Phoebe. However, I hope she will have a different character so as to make things easier.” When asked about his expectations about Quinta, Ruco replied he expressed it through his song (零歲). He used to be PolyGram singer in 1990s and decided to resume his singer identity again in early 2021. The record company invited Schumann Lee (來舒文) as music producer and questioned about the stoppage in singing which gave a shock to Ruco: “Right now, I am considered an old annoying man and might not change my mindset easily. I know Schumann is a good producer and tries to do his duty just like working with a good filming partner and script in the drama. My knowledge is highly enhanced because of him and I could see his sacrifices in the industry.”