In Chinese reality show, Viva La Romance 5 (妻子的浪漫旅行5), Raymond Lam (林峯) is slammed by the netizens for criticising his old love and the scenes with his wife Carina Zhang (張馨月) are reduced as a result. In the latest episode, Raymond’s actions become another heated discussion when mentioned about arguments.

Carina said: “Once, I was extremely mad at Raymond and went out immediately. At the time, he removed his clothes except for shorts at home and chased after me all the way to outside. I was thinking he is a superstar and seems to worry that I will leave.” Raymond explained in the studio room: “Fortunately, it was at night and there were little people at the street. Carina seldom loses her temper but she is very furious on that night. We were not married yet and I was very worried that she would never come back and decided to chase after her.”

As one of the members (周捷) is not an artiste, she was curious about other wives’ reactions upon watching their husbands’ kissing or intimate scenes. Movie queen Qin Hailu (秦海璐) responded in a domineering manner: “I am not filming it.” She added she will not shoot it unless necessary in the script. Zhang Han (張翰) who was the only man in the discussion replied he will not watch his girlfriend’s kissing scene and refuse to film it for 3.5 years for his old love.

In the previous preview, Carina pointed she minded it whenever Raymond filmed kissing scenes and both seemed to have an argument. However, it is not broadcasted and uncertain if the production team deliberately keeps in suspense or Carina is indeed mad whenever Raymond shoots kissing scenes.