On 25th May, Vincent Wong (王浩信), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) attended the worshipping ceremony of Shaw Brothers Studio new web drama (廉政狙擊). In the series, Vincent played a police officer and needed to handle lots of action scenes including jumping down from a fifth level building: “Yes, it is frightening. Anyway, I will shoot it personally and make the safety precautions.”

As it was Nancy’s first drama after joining Shaw Brothers Studio, she said: “It is the most difficult and complicated role since joining the industry. The plot illustrates I have to use prosthesis due to losing a leg in an accident. I even cry while reading the script.” When mentioned it was similar to TVB new series, ICAC Investigators 2022 (廉政行動2022), Vincent replied it did not matter since the theme and angles were different.

As Shaun and Sisley participated in both drama, they believed it will not cause confusion as their roles were different. She said: “My images are different as I have a lively and male like character in ICAC Investigators 2022 series.”

Asking if Shaun will have mental problems while filming the drama, he smiled and said: “I am used to it. Earlier, I played a criminal and get to arrest villains this time. It is fun and challenging.” As for Sisley, it was her first time to shoot both series together and felt it was a big challenge: “I need to adapt to it and remain focus when reading two scripts.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210525/1621938687107/%e8%b7%9f%e3%80%8a%e5%bb%89%e6%94%bf%e8%a1%8c%e5%8b%952022%e3%80%8b%e9%ac%a7%e9%9b%99%e8%83%9e-%e7%8e%8b%e6%b5%a9%e4%bf%a1%e8%a6%aa%e8%ba%ab%e4%b8%8a%e9%99%a3%e6%8b%8d%e5%8b%95%e4%bd%9c%e6%88%b2-5%e6%a8%93%e8%b7%b3%e8%90%bd%e8%a1%97%e8%bf%bd%e8%b3%8a