Chinese star Yang Mi (楊冪) has a slim body and her “chopstick” legs become her trademark. A few years ago, she disclosed her weight, 47.9kg at 166.5cm tall during a Chinese variety show. Hence, Yang Mi does not need any filter when taking photos and earns the envy of many ladies. Earlier, she expressed her heaviest weight was 49kg and it shows Yang Mi is in a fit condition all along.

A couple of days ago, some people took photos of Yang Mi in black vest and shorts revealing her tiny waist while filming new drama, The Two-Eight Law of Love (愛的二八定律) and it is estimated her waist is around 20 inches. As she is too skinny, her shorts might drop anytime and Yang Mi keeps holding the shorts while walking. It looks like her tiny waist is more eye-catching than her “chopstick” legs now.