Samantha Ko (高海寧) gains high popularity and work opportunities after filming Chinese drama, Nothing But Thirty (三十而已) in 2020. Recently, she is working in Mainland China and the netizens uploaded a short video of Samantha in a tight-fit dress and sang on the stage during a commercial performance. However, some netizen noticed she threw tissue away on the floor while walking and was slammed by the public.

Although it happened a few days ago, but Samantha chose to response personally: “Sorry, I do not mean it. On that day, I walked to the backstage and needed to sanitise the equipment before using it. However, the music begun to play once reaching the backstage and I had no choice but to wipe it, while walking at the same time. Sometimes, many incidents tend to happen and we wish it will be a smooth performance. Also, some issues happen suddenly and really sorry. I am not such a person.” Fortunately, many fans continued to root for Samantha and believed it was unintentionally. They also praised she was a friendly artiste with a good attitude.