In the latest episode of Chinese reality show, Life is Beautiful 2 (讓生活好看2), the team travels to Wuzhen and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) shows her expertise and tries local delicious food. She keeps reminding herself to exercise on the following day and it becomes an amusing scene.

Cecilia is a mother of 3 sons and expressed her desire to have a daughter. She said: “Because I might need to take care of their kids and their wives usually handle it by themselves. Although I wish to have a daughter, I will not be pregnant just to have a baby girl. I will become insane if expecting another baby boy and it is best to let nature take its course.”

Subsequently, Cecilia believed it was not difficult to take care of her children but worried about the rebellious stage: “He might not speak to me if I say something wrong. Hence, I try to become their friend. If a celebrity’s kids do something wrong, please be more understanding. I told my sons that they have to accept the fact that their family are celebrities. If they make a mistake, I can forgive them and do not care about others’ opinions. They are currently obedient and I will really worry after two years later.”

As female stars tended to lose work opportunities once expecting, Cecilia replied she was prepared for it: “Because I really want to have a baby and will try to produce more work and record additional songs prior to it. 10 months pregnancy is quite fast and the company keeps promoting it during that period of time. Thus, the audiences will not forget me easily.”

When mentioned about some artistes remained mysterious and rejected to participate in variety and reality shows so as to promote their roles, Cecilia pointed there was no conflicts: “Perhaps because I join the industry for a long time and there are not many variety shows at the time. It will be fine as long as we sing and act. Another reason is we are artistes and the audiences will accept even if participating in programmes.”