TVB new informative programme (500日後) discusses about COVID-19 and invites several artistes to explore and conduct interviews. Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) is one of the hosts and accepted an interview from HK01 (香港01): “Honestly speaking, it is difficult to host this show. Through several location shootings, I witness many Hong Kong citizens making selfless contributions. In the programme, there is a part-timer and he visits elderly people frequently. Because of COVID-19, they seldom go out and their families cannot visit them. Hence, he is in-charge of providing entertainment to them.”

As The 2020 Summer Olympics (東京奧運) will be holding in July, TVB plans to organise celebrities sports session and Elaine said: “The company did ask who knows boxing and they assume I have experiences after wrapping up new drama, The Ringmaster (拳王). Actually, I am not and lack of confidence as well. Fortunately, I am not joining as there are Amigo Choi (崔健邦) and Aurora Li (李君妍). If really no choice, I do not mind playing table tennis though.”