Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) gave birth to her third baby boy named Liam in this April. On 6th June, it was her first public appearance after the pregnancy at a skincare event as an ambassador at Shanghai.

Myolie expressed she planned to spend additional time with her family in Hong Kong and did not think about returning to work quickly: “After winning Everybody Stand By 2 (演員請就位2) show last year, I was expecting and the advertisement company agreed to wait for me after giving birth. Hence, I have no choice but to resume work earlier. This time, the skincare company is full of sincerity and it is my first mission after the pregnancy.”

Subsequently, Myolie will be filming new drama in Beijing and Tianjin around 3 to 4 months and her second son, Ryan will be accompanying her. As for her eldest and youngest sons, Brendan and Liam, her grandmother will be taking care of them in Hong Kong. Myolie felt grateful and said: “I miss my sons especially Liam very much. I will continue to breastfeed him and send it by courier as the doctor recommends it is best for the mother to breastfeed newborn baby for 6 months.”

When asked about her condition, Myolie replied: “I always feel younger after giving birth every time. Perhaps there are improvements in my skin and condition because of hormones, breastfeeding and using suitable skincare products during the pregnancy.”