Rosina Lam (林夏薇) and her non-industry husband, Jason Mok (莫贊生) tied the knot in 2015 and remained a loving couple until now. Although she is a career woman who owns 17 restaurants, but Rosina is a “little” woman who adores her husband in private: “Jason is the main decision maker at home and I respect his opinions. He is a very intelligent man and even knows about the prices of vegetables and tofu.” As both focused on their careers several years ago, they seldom spent time together and Rosina believed communication was the main key to maintain a relationship: “Thus I decide to stop my acting career temporarily and spend more time with my family. Regardless of his busy work life, Jason will come back for dinner and resume his work after that.”

When mentioned about having a smooth career after graduating from The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, Rosina replied: “I did suffer hardship but nobody knows it. In order to gain a learning experience in the school, I approached many production teams but they threw it away without looking at my resume…… I also filmed for a day without any wages. However, I feel grateful for having those experiences which make me a stronger and positive person.”