Former Ms Hong Kong Hera Chan (陳曉華) is currently 26 year old and a fitness lover. She is good in aerial yoga, hoops, badminton and tennis. In May, Hera even achieved a black belt in taekwondo which made many netizens felt surprised about her deep passion in fitness.

On 8th June, Hera expressed she lost 10 pound earlier and managed to lose another 6 pound within 2.5 months. She said: “In the past, I remain skinny no matter what I eat but gain 10kg due to overeating not long ago. Fortunately under the coach’s guidance, I lost 6kg and 8% body fats and the hardship is worth it after seeing the results. I train for 4 to 5 times per week and the coach told me having a stressful life causes overeating easily. Anyway, I feel contented as long as losing a little weight everyday.”