Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and uprising star Keung To (王姜濤) filmed HPV advertisement together. However because of their busy schedules, both shot the commercial separately and highlighted the importance of HPV precaution at an online show.

Although it was their first collaboration, but Keung To and Charlene established good rapports. When the host asked them to demonstrate each other “trademark” poses, Keung To replied Charlene’s poses were nice and she noticed he usually gave heart symbols. Keung then explained it was a casual pose and did not expect everyone to take note of it.

In addition, both monitored each other songs and were familiar with the lyrics. During a game, Keung To guessed it was Charlene’s song, Dimples (小酒窩) quickly while she disclosed she listened to his new songs frequently. Subsequently, Keung To’s face turned red and both sang each other songs.