Raymond Lam (林峯) and Carina Zhang (張馨月) showed their daily routines and deep love in a Chinese reality show, Viva La Romance 5 (妻子的浪漫旅行5). In the latest episode, she disclosed that Raymond wished to conduct a wedding parade.

Carina said: “My husband wishes to hold a wedding parade in Hong Kong, Xiamen and Yancheng.” Raymond explained: “Because I am born in Xiamen and grow up in Hong Kong and my wife is from Yancheng. I need to take care of both sides and a wedding is very important to the ladies. It is a lifetime happiness and my wish to conduct a perfect wedding for my wife and myself.”

As Raymond mentioned Carina was good at taking care of others in the programme earlier, she revealed that she must cut Raymond’s fingernails personally: “He dislikes to cut nails and it must be cut once long. He will tell me once the nails are long and I will cut it for him.”

In addition, Carina wrote a memorandum for Raymond secretly after dating and said: “He has no idea at all. I wrote it for him when we were dating not long and my main purpose is to write something memorable in our relationship.”

During dinner time, all wives played drawing lots game. When asked about embarrassing moments, Carina recalled about sending a mushy message to the manager chat group accidentally: “I wrote missing him and could not sleep to him but sent to the wrong chat box.” Hence, Raymond consoled her while watching the video in studio room: “It is a small issue. They are used to it anyway.” Liu Tao (劉濤) felt curious and asked: “How come you are in the manager chat group? Wow, you are keeping track of him.” Everyone begun to laugh and Raymond tried to explain: “I am the one who invited her as she will know about my work arrangements. It is one of the methods to give her security and I usually have friends whenever travelling to work in overseas. We will introduce to each other and become familiar quickly. Thus, Carina and my friends get along very well.”

In conclusion, the netizens have mixed reviews. They believed Raymond was a very thoughtful man and took initiative to inform his wife about his whereabout, while some felt he deserved some privacy.

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