Recently, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) gains popularity after participating in several Chinese variety shows. She accepted an interview from a fashion magazine, Harper’s BAZAAR and the show (了不起的姐姐2) and discussed about her life experiences.

Cecilia was recalled of her filming experience for her first movie, King of Comedy (喜劇之王): “At the time, I was studying in Australia and felt like giving up as my dad failed to pay for my school fees. Australian government told me I had to return to Hong Kong if had to stop my studies.” She did not inform her parent and had no planning until meeting a talent scout: “Someone suddenly told me I looked very beautiful at the street and asked me if I was interested to shoot an advertisement. I replied I was not interested as it might be a scam. Subsequently, I walked to the same street for around 7 or 10 days and different people told me it was a drinking commercial. Hence, I felt curious and agreed to it. Stephen Chow (周星馳) invited me to play female lead in King of Comedy film and it marked a turning point when I was 18 year old.”

When asked about meeting Stephen for the first time, Cecilia replied: “He stayed inside an office and somebody met us. He gave me two scripts and told me to memorise it. I remembered one was about South Korean drama and went into the office after that. As the script was too long, I only took a glance and saw Stephen inside the room. His back was facing me and he resembled a gambler. Stephen turned around slowly and I felt it was exaggerating but did not feel very nervous though.” Stephen then gave her another script and she was required to act as a smoker. He instructed her to treat a pen as a cigarette and Cecilia questioned him: “Why should I pretend to smoke in front of you? I could use a real cigarette and smoke in front of you.” She was given the lead role in King of Comedy movie successfully.

Cecilia continued to illustrate a scene of eating mustard and ended up crying: “I was given fake mustard and called Stephen immediately. I asked him if he wanted to see real or fake tears and Stephen said real tears. I then questioned him giving me fake stuff and Stephen told assistant film director to buy real mustard in Japanese restaurant. After wrapping up that scene, I puked 8 times as kept eating and it made my stomach felt uncomfortable.”

Apparently, Cecilia gained high fame based on King of Comedy film and confirmed her acting career: “Because I never try acting before and realise the realistic of the movies. To me, it must be real when playing a role and the audiences will fail to feel the soul if it is fake. Thus after shooting Stephen’s film, I treat every role seriously and do my part well.”

Although her parent filed for a divorce when she was 9 year old, but it did not really cause an impact to Cecilia and she felt happy instead: “They had a very serious argument and told us to come down. They decided to file for a divorce and my elder sister and younger brother begun to cry but I clapped hands instead. Yes, they were finally separated and I ran upstairs to grab my clothes and wanted to leave with my mummy. My dad was very furious and allowed my mother to take one child with her only. Hence, I told my elder sister to leave with our mother.” At this point, Cecilia’s eyes started to turn red and feel emotional when recalling of the separation with her mother since little.

After listening to Cecilia’s experiences, the host learned it was important to have a positive mindset and choose to remember happy memories in one’s life.