TVB new drama, Plan “B” (寶寶大過天) starring Eliza Sam (岑麗香) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) premiered on 14th June. The plot illustrates a full-time mother Eliza and her husband Kenneth have a daughter who is 2 year old and will be enrolling into kindergarten soon. Hence, both take her to a playgroup first and she cries immediately. Subsequently, Eliza has a breakdown.

In the series, Eliza focuses on taking care of her daughter and will monitor her through CCTV even during the gathering. However her reactions are perceived exaggerating when playing her role and she screams and cries in every second. It appears that Eliza is turning into an insane woman.

As such, the netizens criticised Eliza’s performances were exaggerating and was not as good as Ali Lee (李佳芯) in the first season, Who Wants a Baby (BB來了) drama. Ali showed the emotions from a career woman to a mother role perfectly. She managed to demonstrate her shocking reactions once expecting and gave up her promotion opportunity because of her baby. Hence, Ali showed every woman’s heartfelt expression towards the sudden changes successfully.

After giving birth to a baby boy named Jacob in March 2019, Eliza reduces her on-screen appearances and makes a comeback in early 2020. Despite the criticisms, many mothers praised Eliza acted very well and showed the new mothers’ reactions. Referring back to Eliza’s speech in the drama, she said: “Our separation anxiety starts once given birth to a baby. I am worried about her sleep, food and health. I feel I did badly and it is my fault whenever she is crying.” Thus, many mothers and audiences understood and agreed with her.