4 years ago, Chris Lai’s (黎諾懿) wife Nicole Lee (李潔瑩) gave birth to a baby boy nicknamed little spring chicken. He expressed his desire to have a daughter several times.

According to a news source on 15th June, Nicole was rumoured to be expecting for 2 months and Chris stopped his work to accompany her. Subsequently, he responded to Ming Pao (明報): “Thank you! Thank you! I cannot say it now and will announce the good news at an appropriate timing.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210615/1623736605750/%e5%81%9c%e5%b7%a5%e9%99%aa%e8%80%81%e5%a9%86-%e5%82%b3%e6%9d%8e%e6%bd%94%e7%91%a9%e6%87%b7%e5%ad%952%e5%80%8b%e6%9c%88-%e9%bb%8e%e8%ab%be%e6%87%bf-%e9%81%a9%e7%95%b6%e6%99%82%e5%80%99%e8%a9%b1%e4%bd%a0%e7%9f%a5