Although 34-year-old Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) failed to become one of the top 3 winners in Ms Hong Kong Pageant 2012, but she is given opportunities by TVB and finally becomes the female lead in Final Destiny (一笑渡凡間) drama. When mentioned about enjoying smooth career and relationship with Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Roxanne confessed she admired his chilling character and he cherished every chances. She treated him as her role model and tried not to give herself pressure: “Becoming TV Queen does not cross my mind. In fact, I am a relaxing person and feel contented as long as there is a good script and feeling happy during the shooting.”

Roxanne expressed she would draw a separate line between work and romance whenever going out with Kenneth and refrain from seeking advice from him. Asking if she missed him as he was currently working in Mainland China, Roxanne smiled and said: “I am used to it because of my father. I did check with my mother and she enjoys the additional freedom. I try to think that way too but do want to see him though. (Worry about the temptations when Kenneth is working in China?) I have absolute trust in him and will not suspect him. I will remain strong if it really happens.”

In addition, Roxanne admitted she watched ViuTV shows as considered a “family” and it could enhance her knowledge: “ERROR member, Dee Ho (何啟華) is a good and fun man after collaborating last year. I believe we will show improvements by working together and show business in Hong Kong will proceed to a higher level.”