Mani Fok (霍汶希) becomes pop diva Joey Yung’s (容祖兒) manager upon joining EEG for more than 20 years. Both recalled of their encounters during an interview at Chinese show (了不起的姐姐2).

After winning a singing competition, Joey joined two record companies and was introduced to Mani thereafter. An amusing incident happened at a dinner meeting and Joey said: “On that day, Mani was talking to my colleague and I carried two bags to meet her. After sitting down, she assumed I was an ordinary friend and begun to ask my colleague if that girl had arrived.” It turned out that Mani mistook Joey as one of the employees and pointed she did not resemble a celebrity. Mani said: “Joey looks like an ordinary girl.” Hence, Joey felt she had no hope at all.

Subsequently, Joey felt happy yet surprised about the second meeting and Mani decided to give her an opportunity as she should be able to build good connections with the audiences. Prior to joining the company, Mani gave her a test and took her to a karaoke room. From there, she recognised her singing ability and groomed Joey as a newcomer.

Besides that, Joey was instructed to sing in front of her boss Albert Yeung (楊受成) and other superstars. Mani said: “Our boss tends to invite many superstars to sing karaoke together and I seek his approval to take Joey along. That day, it was Joey’s first time to meet Albert.” Fortunately, she did not make Mani feel disappointed and gained recognition from many veteran singers. Joey said: “I met Stephen Chow (周星馳), Jackie Chan (成龍) and Roman Tam (羅文) and it is an unforgettable memory. I was shivering and felt very nervous but had no choice.” In 1999, Joey joined EEG officially.

Joey was heavily groomed immediately and became a pop diva under Mani’s guidance. Both had absolute trust in each other and formed a “golden friendship” gradually. Joey pointed Mani gave her a strong sense of security and it was important for artistes to find people who understood them and gave chances. As for Mani, she believed a relationship represented a strong trust. We finally understand the reason behind their close friendship and continuous cooperation.