Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) are good friends in private. In the latest episode in Life Is Beautiful 2 (讓生活好看2) show, Sheren specially travels to Shanghai to visit Cecilia and both share their love perspectives.

Sheren believed her partner must accept her looks and able to withstand the pressure because of her celebrity status. Cecilia said: “But isn’t love everything? To me, he must remain brave and accepts who I am. I will then accompany and love him forever. If he is scared and afraid of trouble, I will tell him to choose somebody else and stop disturbing me.”

Subsequently, Cecilia disclosed she had a few suitors and one of them was a very good man: “I reckon Sheren meets him before. He does not care who is shooting him and could go to any places together even without makeup and wearing slippers. Anyway, it lasts for a short while only.”

Sheren pointed Cecilia enjoyed high fame and her suitor must accept everything. Cecilia said: “Yes, he is very smart and reads every news article without telling me. I feel it is full of warmth and wish to have such relationship.” When she was thinking about that moment, Sheren said suddenly: “But I seldom hear about him now.” Cecilia continued: “Hence, I must find a man who truly loves me but will not make an announcement. Previously, I shared the good news with everybody and did not really receive many blessings. They then made up stories and I will never share it with them again.”

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