In early Mary, a video resembling Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) seemed to touch himself while taking a shower went viral and he chose to “hide” and rejected to respond. Subsequently, his family accompanied him to lodge a police report. On 18th June, he expressed he will focus on his work and leave it to the police at a promotion activity for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold (愛‧回家之開心速遞) sitcom.

When asked if he thought about the reason for leaking out the video, Ricco replied: “I have nothing to say. The police is handling it. (Admit you are the male lead in the video?) Yes, that man is me and I have nothing to say. (Affect your mood?) Nope. I am focusing on my work all along. (Did your family reprimand you?) Nope. Thank you to my family, friends, colleagues and fans for supporting me all the way. (Why do you record this video?) I have nothing to reply. (Regret it?) I know I should not do it. (Worry that it affects your image?) No reply. (Reprimanded by the company?) Thank you to the company’s understanding.”

Ricco emphasised he was currently concentrating on his career and the netizens’ remarks did not affect his mood. After the video went viral, he did not think too much and continue his work: “I am working all along. Nothing much to say. (Worry that additional video might leak out?) The police is handling it. (Your former girlfriend is a suspect?) You think too much. The police is investigating it now and it is inconvenient for me to reply. (Your believe it is a deliberate intention or an accident?) I have nothing to say.”